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Services & Fees

Individual Therapy
(In-person & Virtual)

One-on-one counselling

Available to clients 12 years and older


Note: Many insurance companies provide coverage for a Registered Social Worker (RSW).  I provide my registration number on my invoices so that they may be submitted for reimbursement after you have paid for your session.


All clients aged 12 and up who reside in Ontario. 


Types of issues I commonly help with: depression, anxiety, work-related problems/ stress, self-esteem and body image, grief/ loss, adjustment, relationships, and more.

I am not currently providing: couples therapy, family therapy, addiction services, or sexual offender services.  

If you have questions about whether or not I can help you with your current difficulties, please feel free to contact me.  If I am not able to help you, I may know a person or organization who would be a better fit.


Of note: I am not a crisis service.  If this is an emergency please attend the emergency department at your local hospital.

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